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» » Experts rate the beauty tips that our mums swore by

Experts rate the beauty tips that our mums swore by

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05 сентябрь 2018

Mums. They take on many roles throughout our lives. Part-time chefs, full-time therapists, financial advisers – general, all-round, constantly available, no-nonsense support systems.
And before the internet became an essential part of our everyday existence, it wasn’t YouTubers passing on need-to-know beauty tips – it was our mums. In an oral tradition as old as the bedtime story, mums have been teaching us the tricks to shinier hair and more moisturised skin for millennia.
My own mum’s were often ingenious - like the time I ran out of blusher and she advised me to use lipstick instead. Layers of red gloss on my lips and a light touch of red gloss on my cheeks and I was good to go.
But while the intentions are always good, the actual tips can sometimes be a little… iffy.
Here we’ve compiled some weird and wonderful mum tips (and got experts to wade-in on whether you should try them at home…)скачать dle 12.0
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